Opening The Door To Faith


Even if we do not see Him, we acknowledge the presence of a Higher Power who is responsible for things beyond what human is capable of.

Faith is the way of holding onto what we hope for, being certain of what we cannot see.
~ Hebrews 11:1

Faith is a profound word.

But it is very important in our journey as Christians.

Through faith we allow God into our lives.

We make Him a part of our lives.

We recognize that He plays a huge role in our lives.

Through faith we realize that we cannot go through life alone.

Through faith we accept that we need God.

By faith Noah was instructed of events which could not yet be seen and, heeding what he heard, he built a boat in which to save his family. The faith of Noah condemned the world and he reached holiness born of faith. ~ Hebrews 11:7

Faith requires great trust.

Trust is the foundation of faith.

But how do you build trust?

It takes time.

Just like in getting to know a person, God has to be experienced in many ways.

How does one experience God?

By searching for Him tirelessly.


Faith takes time.

But it will be worth it.

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