The God Of Light


Your Word is a lamp to my feet, a light for my path. ~ Psalm 119:105

We could easily be lost without God and go astray if we do not seek for His guidance.

He is the light.

And without Him life is nothing but darkness…


Without His light, life is devoid of love…

Because He is love.

But if we are willing to make our lives a journey with God and for God, His light illuminates our hearts and vanquishes the darkness within.

Misery is transformed to joy.

Hopelessness turns to hope.

Despair becomes peace… acceptance.

Bitterness to forgiveness, letting go, moving forward.

Such is the journey – a journey towards the light.

I am ready to sacrifice my life for Your Law that is always in my heart. ~ Psalm 119:109

Nevertheless, it is not easy to follow and journey with God…

Because the way to God is the way of the cross…

And the journey like the passion of His Son.

But doesn’t love entail sacrifice and self-denial, enduring it all with and for the One and only God, who is nothing but love?

How are we to grow in love if the journey is always smooth-sailing?

Indeed it comes with a price!

But not without great rewards…

Not without hope that we will be redeemed and one day wrapped in God’s loving embrace.

I have suffered much, O Lord; renew my life according to Your Word. ~ Psalm 119:107

God bless. ➕💖🔥

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